Curiosity from Confusion


A friend told me that he got into film through confusion. When he was a kid, the ending of a particular film left him bewildered. Why did it end the way it did? Unsettled yet determinded, he voraciously read about the film and the history of the industry, getting a hold of anything he could.

Did he find the definitive answer? No. Was he still confused? Maybe. Did he find a lifetime love for film from the experience? Yes.

My friend could’ve left the film perplexed and never thought of it again. Instead, he decided not to leave it be. Being curious about his confusion, asking why, was a gateway to a passion that buoys his being.

There are plenty of things to be confused about, but not every object of confusion becomes an object of curiosity. There are some things to be curious about, but only a few objects of curiosity become objects of great worth. Those are the things that can change your life.

What paradigm shifting experiences are left at the table by leaving just when things get confusing? What would happen if I became curious at those moments instead?