The Map of a Map of The Place

Getting help from the Borgesian Infrastructure as Code service Terraform to better understand Microsoft's Azure.

Drag and Drop

Learning about Canarytokens by using Glitch & Netlify (and vice versa).

DLL Hijacking & AppLocker

Figuring out how to get around AppLocker by using DLL Hijacking.

Refine your Tools

Continuing the experiment from the Noisy Patterns post.

Keep Spinning

Reflecting on how spinning up and destroying VM's is like learning to perform music.

Noisy Patterns

Journaling about how a basic search of my syslog led to action (mostly searching Google).

Hurdles and Guardrails

Helping my mother troubleshoot her laptop made me realize how security can be perceived as a hassle.

Experiments by Proxy

Trying to see what blocking Twitter looks like with Squid, and what it can teach us about proxies.

Learning Tools with Other Tools

I'm slowing finding that you can better understand tools through the lens of others.